3D diffuser 23,6×23,6×3,14 inches

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Revolutionize Your Space with Our Premium 3D Diffuser

Uncover the transformative power of our 3D diffusers, meticulously crafted from top-grade pine to elevate both your acoustic and aesthetic experience. Engineered to optimize sound dispersion across the widest frequencies while effectively absorbing lower tones, these diffusers are an essential addition to any room looking to enhance sound clarity and room aesthetics.

Customizable Dimensions for Every Space

Dimensions default to a generous 27,5×27,5×3,9 inches, but custom sizes are available to ensure a perfect fit for any room. Each unit is robust yet manageable, weighing in at 12 kg, promising stability and ease of installation.

Art Meets Acoustics in Every Design

Not just functional, each 3D diffuser is a work of art. Whether you’re looking to accent your living space or add a professional touch to your studio, our diffusers blend seamlessly with any décor. Choose from a palette of five exquisite colors, each designed to complement your unique style:

  • Light Walnut
  • Natural Pine
  • Dark Walnut
  • Rosewood
  • Classic Black

A 3D Cubic akusztikus diffúzor tulajdonságai:Handcrafted Quality, Built to Last

Every 3D diffuser is handcrafted with precision, using dense, heavyweight hardwood that ensures durability and sustained performance. Regular testing and a commitment to quality materials mean your investment continues to pay off in performance and appearance year after year.

Effortless Maintenance

Keeping your diffuser looking fresh is easy. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes to maintain its pristine condition, ensuring your space looks—and sounds—impeccable.

Elevate your auditory experience with our premium 3D diffusers—where functionality meets finesse in every piece.

A sarokegység tulajdonságai - basszuscsapda diffúzorral:

Enhancing Every Space with Ideal Acoustics and Visual Appeal

Our acoustic diffusers not only optimize your auditory experience by creating perfect surround sound but also enhance the visual aesthetics of any space. Whether it’s a home studio or a corporate setting, our diffusers add a touch of elegance without sacrificing functionality.

Crafted to Order: Personalized Acoustic Solutions

Each diffuser is tailor-made within 1-2 weeks of your order, available in any desired size and quantity to fit your unique space. We equip every panel with a picture hanger and screws for easy installation, though they are not pre-mounted for added safety during shipping.


Optimal Placement for Supreme Sound Quality

Our experts utilize both on-site and online acoustic measurements to recommend the ideal placement of diffusers, achieving up to 95% accuracy with our online assessments. Trust Perfect Acoustic to enhance the acoustics of your space with precision and expert care.

The Truth About Materials in Acoustic Diffusion

Not all materials are effective for sound diffusion. Contrary to popular belief, materials like sponge or styrofoam do not adequately disperse sound. These materials might initially seem effective for absorbing high tones, but they can lead to distorted bass sounds and delayed echoes over time. Investing in high-quality materials avoids future frustration and unnecessary costs.

Why Diffusers Are Essential for Authentic Surround Sound

While acoustic absorbers are great at soaking up deep sounds, an excessive number can dampen the overall audio experience, making music, films, or spoken words feel flat. Diffusers break up and scatter incoming sound energy, preserving clarity and richness of sound in the environment.

Mastering Sound Dynamics with Strategic Diffuser Design

Our diffusers are not merely flat panels but are crafted with varied depths to scatter sound in multiple directions, ensuring a rich and evenly distributed sound field throughout the room. By filtering out frequency spikes and reducing echo, our diffusers help maintain a clear and balanced acoustic environment.

Experience Cinematic Audio in Your Home Theater

Achieve the full cinematic effect in your home theater by consulting with our acoustic specialists. Proper placement and quantity of sound-absorbing and reflective elements are crucial, but it’s also important not to over-cover walls to maintain balanced sound reflections.

Addressing Echoes for a Pristine Sound Environment

Room shape and wall materials can create echoes that distort surround sound. Our bass-absorbing membranes are effective, but for truly flawless acoustics, addressing reflected sounds is essential. Our diffusers efficiently break down and disperse sound energy, enhancing the spatial feel and clarity of your audio.

Understanding Rattle Echoes: The Clarity Challenge

Rattle echoes occur in enclosed spaces where sound repeatedly bounces, creating a cascading echo effect. This acoustic phenomenon is typically managed by balancing sound-dampening treatments to prevent overly harsh sound reflections.

Studio Acoustics: A Sound Investment

In sound recording studios, clarity is paramount. Poor acoustics can muddy recordings, often requiring extensive post-production fixes. By integrating both sound-absorbing membranes and diffusers, studios can achieve pristine sound conditions, making every recording crystal clear.

From Music to Silence: Managing Sound in Everyday Life

Everyday life is full of sounds, some pleasant and some disruptive. Inadequate room acoustics can transform enjoyable sounds into noise, potentially causing headaches and stress. By optimizing room acoustics, we ensure that music remains a joy and noise does not become a nuisance.

Our wood-made diffusers showcase natural variations like knots and color shifts due to resin, which add character and ensure each piece is unique. These natural features are part of the wood’s beauty and are not considered flaws.

Perfect Acoustic is committed to blending supreme sound management with elegant design, ensuring every space sounds as beautiful as it looks.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 75 × 75 × 15 cm

23,6×23,6×3,14 inch


black, dark walnut, light walnut, natural, rosewood


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