Professional Calm acoustic carpet

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  • Total weight: 2,01638 lbs/ft
  • Total height: 1,57 inch
  • Sound absorption: 45 dB
  • Check Mark The production time for panels and carpets is 1 week, curtains 2 weeks.
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Professional Calm acoustic carpet:

  • Total weight: 2,01638 lbs/ft
  • Total height: 1,57 inch
  • Bleachable: No
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Back: Twin back, woven
  • Recommended rooms: cinema and hi-fi rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms
  • Sound absorption: 45 dB
  • Features: Soft to the touch, stain resistant
  • Made in Germany
  • Surface: soft, densely woven
  • Compatible with underfloor heating

Elevate Your Space with Supreme Acoustic Carpet

Optimal Soundproofing with Supreme Acoustic Carpet

Looking for top-tier sound management in your professional or home environments? Our Supreme Acoustic Carpet offers an unparalleled solution. Boasting a design that is thicker and denser than standard mats, this carpet excels in sound absorption, capable of diminishing noise by up to 45 dB. Ideal for various settings, from recording studios and home cinemas to bustling offices and conference rooms, it enhances sound quality and minimizes distractions.

Maintenance and Durability

Our carpets are crafted for easy maintenance, ensuring long-lasting use while retaining their acoustic properties. Please note, cleaning with bleach is not advisable.

Acoustic Enhancement for Every Floor

The significance of acoustic treatment extends beyond walls and ceilings, particularly in studios where sound quality is paramount. Hard surfaces like PVC, tile, or wood often fail to absorb low-range frequencies, leading to sound distortions like echoes and standing waves. By integrating Supreme Acoustic Carpets, you mitigate these issues, laying the foundation for pristine audio recordings.

Home Theaters and Hi-Fi Systems

For audiophiles looking to perfect their home theater or hi-fi system setups, our acoustic carpets are a game-changer, ensuring your audio environment meets your high standards.

Noise Reduction for Open Office Spaces

As open office layouts proliferate, managing noise becomes crucial. Office equipment and conversations can disrupt productivity, which is where our acoustic carpets step in. They are specifically designed to quell office noise, fostering a serene workspace conducive to efficiency.

Professional Calm acoustic carpet sharp 3d carpet
Professional Calm acoustic carpet sharp 3d carpet

Achieving Serenity with Superior Sound Insulation

Creating a Sanctuary in Every Room

In the sanctuary of our homes—from the bustling living room to the tranquil bedroom and playful children’s room—sound insulation is paramount for relaxation and rejuvenation. Our Professional Calm acoustic curtains and carpets provide an effective barrier against the intrusive clamor of the external world. By fitting acoustic curtains in front of windows, you can significantly block out street noise, while our specially designed acoustic carpets not only cushion the sounds of daily activity, such as footsteps and dropped objects, but also enhance the overall tranquility of your space.

The Impact of Noise on Well-being

Prolonged exposure to noise can adversely affect both our mental and physical health, with varying impacts across different ages, genders, and personal circumstances. Effective sound insulation is not just a luxury but a necessity to safeguard our well-being. Whether it’s the din of traffic, the uproar of energetic children, or the disturbance from loud neighbors, incorporating Professional Calm acoustic solutions into your home can comprehensively address these disturbances.

Design Meets Functionality

Our acoustic solutions merge style with substance. Not only do they serve a practical function, but they also enhance the aesthetic of any room. Designed to blend seamlessly into your home decor, Professional Calm products ensure that your space looks as good as it sounds.

Professional Calm acoustic carpet sharp 3d carpet pillow 3d carpet
Professional Calm acoustic carpet sharp 3d carpet pillow 3d carpet

Enhance Your Space with Professional Calm Acoustic Mats

Superior Sound Control with Style

Discover the pinnacle of room acoustics with the Professional Calm acoustic mat. Renowned for its exceptional sound absorption capabilities, this mat sets the standard in acoustic treatment. Beyond its functional excellence, it stands out as a stylish home decor element. The mat’s soft texture not only adds a touch of warmth and comfort to any room but also integrates seamlessly into various interior designs as a chic, decorative accessory. Achieve optimal sound insulation and noise reduction effortlessly with Professional Calm.

Distinctive Qualities of Professional Calm Acoustic Mats

What sets the Professional Calm acoustic mat apart from conventional carpets? It’s all in the details. Our mats are engineered to offer superior noise reduction, boasting up to 60% more sound attenuation than traditional carpets. The secret lies in the heightened thickness and density specifically designed for acoustic performance, far surpassing the capabilities of average mats on the market.

Transform Any Room into a Haven of Peace

Whether you’re looking to perfect the acoustics in your home, studio, or office, Professional Calm acoustic mats provide a professional-grade solution that enhances both aesthetics and function. Experience tranquility and professional soundproofing with a product that excels in every category.

Professional Calm acoustic carpet pastel
Professional Calm acoustic carpet pastel

Professional Calm Acoustic Carpet: Unmatched Acoustic Excellence

Enhance Room Acoustics with Premium Design

Elevate the acoustic quality of any space with the Professional Calm acoustic carpet. This carpet surpasses others in the market by combining extra thickness and high density, designed specifically for superior noise reduction and sound dampening. Ideal for extensive coverage, these carpets effectively minimize ambient noise, making them perfect for both residential and professional environments.

Customizable Options for Every Space

Available in a variety of standard sizes, the Professional Calm acoustic carpet offers a beautiful palette of colors to complement any interior design. Tailor your space to your aesthetic while enhancing its functionality. Our carpets ensure a harmonious blend of style and acoustic performance, allowing for a seamless integration into any room.

Quality with Flexibility

Acknowledging natural variations in production, our carpets maintain a weight deviation of +/- 20-30% and a size deviation of +/- 2-3% (mm), ensuring that each piece meets our quality standards while accommodating the unique needs of your space.

Transform Any Room into a Sanctuary of Silence

Choose Professional Calm acoustic carpets not just for their superior soundproofing, but also for their ability to turn any area into a peaceful oasis, be it at home or in the workplace.

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