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Because of the popularity of diagonal Big Art diffusers , the improved version is the art diffuser.

We can also make a custom size.

This diffuser is not only popular because of the best diffusion of close sounds but also because of its ability to be used to design interior design solutions.

Why do we say that it has one of the best sound diffusions?



acoustic diffusers reflexion point
acoustic diffusers reflexion point

Unleash Sonic Brilliance with Our Art Diffuser

Discover the enchanting geometry of our art diffusers, where each wooden cube is precision-cut at a dynamic 25% incline. This meticulous design isn’t just for aesthetics; it ensures that sound waves are dispersed in a rich, multi-directional array, enhancing your acoustic experience.

The unique configuration of our cubes, each rotated by 90 degrees relative to its neighbors, creates a visually stunning pattern that doubles as a high-performance sound diffuser. This isn’t just another acoustic treatment; it’s a piece of art that transforms both the visuals and the acoustics of any space.

What sets our art diffusers apart is their versatile placement capabilities. Designed to be positioned even directly behind your listening area, these diffusers allow for immediate auditory feedback without the spatial limitations often encountered with traditional models. Whether you’re tuning your home studio or upgrading your listening room, our diffusers provide unparalleled sound clarity from any angle.

Elevate your audio environment with a solution that blends technical prowess with artistic design. Experience the difference with our state-of-the-art diffusers—where sound meets art.

Custom Color Options for Your Art Diffusers

Each cube in our art diffusers is individually colored, allowing for a fully customizable approach to match your unique style and decor. Whether you’re aiming to coordinate with your existing interior design or wanting to make a bold statement, we can tailor the color and pattern to suit your personal taste.

For those who have a specific vision, we invite you to design your own pattern. Simply send us your concept via email, keeping in mind that each cube measures 3,9×3,9 inches. This size consideration ensures that your design translates perfectly to the scale of the diffuser panels.

Embrace the freedom to personalize your acoustic solution. Whether you opt for subtle hues or vibrant tones, our tailored coloring process guarantees that your art diffuser will be as unique as your sound space.

The Craftsmanship Behind Our High-Density Wood Block Diffusers

Our art diffusers are crafted from the finest Scots pine, renowned for its superior density and weight compared to standard pine varieties. This first-quality wood is carefully overlapped and glued, ensuring a robust structure that stands the test of time.

The construction process involves meticulously planning and sanding the wood blocks before they are assembled into sheets. These sheets are then strategically rotated in opposite directions during the gluing process. This meticulous craftsmanship prevents warping over time, ensuring your diffuser maintains its form and function.

Leveraging the natural properties of Scots pine, we create diffusers that are not only visually appealing but also acoustically superior. The high-density wood significantly enhances sound diffusion and efficiently absorbs bass frequencies starting as low as 100Hz. Whether you’re refining the acoustics of a recording studio or enhancing your home audio setup, our wood block diffusers deliver exceptional performance and aesthetic appeal.

Why Choose Wood for Superior Acoustic Diffusion?

Wood is renowned for its natural sound-absorbing qualities, which is why we exclusively use wood in the construction of our acoustic diffusers. Our choice of materials includes laminated blockboard, pine, oak, walnut, and particularly Scots pine, known for its robustness and acoustic performance.

Our construction process involves adhering Scots pine cubes to sturdy, rigid laminated pine sheets. This combination not only ensures durability but also enhances the acoustic integrity of the diffusers. The natural properties of wood help to effectively absorb bass, making our diffusers an excellent choice for optimizing sound quality across various settings, from professional studios to intimate home environments.

Choose our wooden acoustic diffusers for a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional excellence, ensuring your space not only looks good but sounds great too.

Optimal Placement of Art Diffusers

For maximum acoustic benefit, art diffusers should be positioned at the primary reflection point in your space. This placement is crucial for capturing and dispersing sound waves effectively, enhancing the overall sound quality of your listening environment.

If you’re unsure about locating the primary reflection point, a simple mirror test can help. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sit in your usual listening position—where you typically enjoy music or audio.
  2. Have a friend move along the wall with a hand-held mirror.
  3. Watch the mirror from your position; the point where you can see the reflection of the loudspeaker in the mirror marks the ideal spot for your art diffuser.

This method ensures precise placement, allowing the diffusers to optimize sound reflection and absorption, providing you with a superior auditory experience.

Find the primary point of reflection the room acoustics
Find the primary point of reflection

The middle of the diffusers must always be at the middle of the ear level.

The distance influences how many acoustic diffusers you should buy. The farther away you are from the diffuser the more you need of it. Additionally, the bigger a room is the more acoustic panel is needed to achieve the optimal sounding.

Acoustic diffusers cannot be enough in a room. It cannot be overdone compared to acoustic absorbers and acoustic panels.

The more of them there are in a room the more beautiful the sound will be.

Most important primary reflection points:

  1. behind the loudspeakers
  2. on the right and left side, between you and the loudspeaker
  3. behind the listening position
  4. at the ceiling, in the centre line of the listening position
  5. In sloped attic rooms these points must be measured as if it was a side wall.
acoustic diffuser reflexion points
acoustic diffuser reflection points

Effective Placement and Installation of Art Diffusers

Positioning for Optimal Sound Quality: For best results, ensure that the middle of the diffusers is aligned with ear level when you are seated in your listening position. This placement is crucial as it directly influences how sound waves interact with the listener.

Determining the Number of Diffusers: The number of diffusers needed depends largely on the distance from the listener to the diffuser and the size of the room. The further away you are, the more diffusers you’ll require. Larger spaces also demand more panels to achieve optimal sound distribution.

Maximizing Acoustic Quality: Unlike acoustic absorbers and panels, you cannot have too many diffusers in a room. More diffusers equate to a richer and more beautifully resonant sound, enhancing everything from clarity to the natural tone of voices and instruments.

Key Points for Diffuser Placement:

  • Primary Reflection Points to consider:
    • Directly behind the loudspeakers.
    • On both sides, midway between your listening position and the loudspeakers.
    • Behind the listening position.
    • At the ceiling along the center line of the listening position.
    • In sloped attic rooms, treat inclined walls as you would a side wall.

Acoustic Benefits of Art Diffusers:

  • Increased perception of space.
  • Clearer, more precise sound.
  • Improved positioning of musical instruments.
  • More natural human voice; reduction in sibilance.
  • Elimination of echo.
  • Enhanced sound dynamics.
  • Detailed and well-defined bass.

Installation Guidelines:

  • Each acoustic diffuser has pre-drilled and marked points on the back for easy mounting.
  • Due to transportation reasons, small picture hooks necessary for hanging are included in the box rather than pre-mounted. You will find these along with the appropriate bolts for installation.

Aesthetic Considerations: Our diffusers are crafted from real wood, which includes natural variations like knots and color changes due to resin. These unique characteristics mean that the finish, such as staining or pickling, will vary, leading to different shades across the surface of each diffuser. Such variations enhance the natural beauty and uniqueness of the product, and therefore, cannot be considered flaws.

Reminder: The inherent qualities of wood mean that each piece absorbs and reflects sound uniquely, adding not only to your room’s acoustic profile but also to its aesthetic appeal.

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