Forio curtains for heat insulation

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  • Density 0,484036 lbs/ft Double layer: 0,968071 lbs/ft
  • Thickness 0,09 inch. Duplicate layer: 0,18 inch
  • 15-25dB sound absorption.
  • 40% thermal insulation
  • Total

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  • Made of not readily flammable material
  • Download the technical data sheet here: Forio technical data sheet
  • Up to 40% thermal insulation can be achieved.
  • Machine washable
  • Gently, soft touch
  • Made of durable non-stretch fabric
  • Composition 50% PES- 50% cotton
  • Density 0,484036 lbs/ft Double layer: 0,968071 lbs/ft
  • Width 55,11 inches
  • Abrasion / Martindale Test (EN ISO 1294-2) 90,000
  • Bumping 4-5 (EN ISO 1295-2)
  • Colour abrasion resistance (EN ISO 105-B02) 4-5
  • Thickness 0,09 inch. Duplicate layer: 0,18 inch
  • 10-20dB sound absorption
  • 55% darkening, duplex fabric 75%
  • Available as an accessory with a decorative cushion cover in the same colour as the fabric ordered (no lining included)
Of course, prices include the sewing of the curtains!

Not only sound but also thermal insulation curtains. The curtain material is designed to keep out heat or cold.

Curtain backing, brown insulating felt material. If you request double thickness, it will be the color of your choice on both sides.


Discover the Warmth of Forio Curtains

Unmatched Quality in Every Measurement
Size: 55,11 inches is the width of the fabric, if you order wider than that we will sew it to the 55,11 inches fabric. Should you desire a wider option, we seamlessly stitch together multiple pieces to meet your specifications. The stitching is designed to blend discreetly within the folds of the curtains, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted look.

Optimize Your Comfort
For those looking to enhance their living space’s warmth, we recommend opting for curtains at least twice as wide as your windows. However, for superior heat retention and a cozy indoor environment, choosing curtains that are two and a half times wider can provide exceptional insulation.

Customization at Your Fingertips
Each set of Forio curtains is crafted with your unique space in mind. We encourage you to reach out with specific requests or dimensions by email, and we’ll ensure your heat insulation needs are met with precision and style.

Versatile Installation Options

Flexible Hanging Solutions
We offer various hanging options to suit your style and functional needs. From traditional tweezers and elegant cornice hooks to practical curtain tapes, each solution ensures your Forio curtains hang beautifully while enhancing their insulative properties.

Ring Option for a Sleek Look
For a touch of modern simplicity, opt for our ringed curtains at a small additional cost. Our curtains feature robust plastic industrial rings with a 40mm diameter, allowing for easy sliding and a neat presentation.

Attention to Detail

Ensuring Durability and Style
Our curtains are not only designed to keep the heat in but also to endure the test of time. The materials used are selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that they remain a central piece of your decor for years to come. Do consider the strength of your existing curtain rods, as our premium, heavy curtains require sturdy support for optimal functionality.

Elevate Your Space with Forio Curtains for Heat Insulation

Experience Unparalleled Comfort

Transform your daily environment with Forio curtains for heat insulation. These are not your ordinary curtains; our offerings are crafted from heavy, dual-layer fabrics designed for optimal thermal retention. Whether you’re looking to enhance the warmth of your home or office, Forio curtains provide a serene, insulated escape from the outside world.

Designed for Versatility
Our Forio curtains for heat insulation serve multiple purposes. In bustling downtown apartments, they block out intrusive noises, creating a tranquil indoor haven. In workplaces, these curtains can act as dividers to minimize noise pollution, enhancing focus and productivity. Their flexibility allows you to easily open up or section off spaces as needed, making them ideal for modern, dynamic environments.

Optimal Acoustic and Thermal Control

In addition to their superior heat insulation properties, Forio curtains are also perfect for settings where sound quality is paramount, such as recording studios and home cinemas. They expertly absorb high frequencies, pairing well with other Perfect Acoustic products to craft the ultimate auditory experience.

Explore the Possibilities
Every space can benefit from the added comfort and efficiency of Forio curtains for heat insulation. Explore the various applications and discover how our specialized curtains can transform your environment, making it quieter, warmer, and more inviting.

Master the Art of Silence with Forio Curtains

Exceptional Sound Control for Studios and Home Cinemas

In environments where acoustics play a critical role, such as studios or hi-fi cinema rooms, managing sound effectively is essential. Large window surfaces, often acoustically challenging, require an adept solution. Forio soundproof curtains are designed specifically for such demanding settings, utilizing dense, dual-layer materials that adeptly manage both medium-deep and high-pitched sounds.

Versatile Light and Sound Management
Beyond their sound dampening capabilities, Forio curtains offer 100% light filtration, making them perfect for darkening cinema rooms. For those who prefer not to be in total darkness, adjusting the curtains to half-meter thickness still provides exceptional sound attenuation without complete light blockage.

Enhanced Acoustic Density
When drawn together, the density of Forio curtains multiplies, reinforcing their soundproofing effectiveness. This setup is ideal for large windowed areas, particularly where multiple windows span a single wall. We recommend installing multiple curtains—about half a meter wide and up to 3 meters high per window section—to achieve optimal sound isolation. It’s akin to having ten sound-deadening panels lining your windows, significantly enhancing your acoustic environment.

Tailored to Your Aesthetic and Acoustic Needs
With a standard width of 55,11 inches and additional edge allowances, Forio curtains are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. They can be custom-made with extra features like a hood for added insulation and visual appeal. Note: due to their custom dimensions, these curtains cannot be returned, so selection of color and pattern should be considered carefully.

Transform Your Space
The impact of environmental noise on well-being and productivity is profound. In our bustling modern world, reducing noise is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Forio soundproof curtains serve as an easy, effective solution to mitigate unwanted noise at home or work. Available in various colors, these curtains can seamlessly integrate into any decor, enhancing both your space’s style and serenity.

Forio’s range of acoustic products, including panels, diffusers, and bass traps, complement the curtains to create an optimally sound-controlled environment. Whether for professional spaces or personal sanctuaries, embracing the quiet can profoundly affect mood and performance.

Detailed Specifications for Forio Heat Insulation

Custom-Made for Perfection

Every Forio curtain is meticulously crafted to meet individual specifications, making each curtain a unique addition to your space. Due to their bespoke nature, once created, these curtains cannot be returned or repurchased.


1. Each curtain is made based on an individual order, therefore each curtain is considered unique, and we cannot buy it back!

2. The weight of the curtains refers to the flow meter of the material: 1 flow meter is 55,11 inches and weighs 0,484036 lbs. (+/- 20-30% weight deviation possible!)

3. Acoustic curtains can only absorb 10-20 decibels of sound if they are placed completely without gaps or if the acoustics of the given room is adequate! Due to the resulting problems/complaints, we cannot take back the curtains!

There may be minimal colour variation between the curtains and cushion covers ordered.

In the case of an individual curtain order, it is no longer possible to modify or cancel the order after the order and payment, because we cannot refund the price!

The colour sample ordered may vary slightly from the colour ordered.
The colour of a new order may differ from the previous order.

Products can be produced with a +-1-2% variation.

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