Parametric Diffuser

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  • Size: 47,2×23,6×5,1 inch. 
  • Size: 55,1×27,5×5,1 inch
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Parametric Wall Art Panel (Diffuser)


  • The Parametric Wall Art Panel is made of quality pine.
  • The size of our panels is 47,2×23,6×5,1 inch, but due to the transportability, we send it in 2 pieces of 23,6×23,6×5,1 inch. The joint will not be visible when applied.
  • Available in 5 colors.

Available colors:

diffusers colours



Each diffuser comes with 2 image hangers, which can be easily attached to the back of the diffuser:

Transform Your Space with the Parametric Diffuser

Unleash the potential of your interiors with our cutting-edge Parametric Diffuser panels. These versatile panels offer dual mounting possibilities, enabling you to create striking convex or concave shapes by aligning two separate 23,6×23,6 inch panels from alternate directions. This flexibility allows for a personalized aesthetic that can dramatically alter any room’s acoustics and appearance.

Enhanced Sound Quality

Experience superior sound dispersion with our Parametric Diffuser panels. Crafted from a robust wooden structure featuring intricate depth, these panels expertly scatter sound waves throughout your space, ensuring crystal-clear audio delivery. Position them strategically at primary and secondary reflection points for optimal performance, transforming any room into an acoustically refined environment.

Stylish and Functional Design

Not just functional, these Parametric Diffuser panels boast a sleek, avant-garde design that doubles as a sophisticated decor element. Their futuristic aesthetics fit seamlessly into any room style, making them an excellent choice for those who value both form and function in their home or office settings. Embrace the blend of style and acoustical engineering with our exquisite panels and redefine your living space.

Parametric Diffuser
Parametric Diffuser

Discover Parametricism in Design

Coined by Patrik Schumacher in 1988, parametricism introduces an architectural style that leverages algorithms to shape interconnected, variable forms, moving away from traditional geometries like cubes and rectangles. This approach allows for the dynamic alteration of forms by modifying parameters and rules within a system, yielding distinctly rule-based yet varied outcomes.

Innovative Sound Diffusion

Parametric designs in acoustics, like our diffusers, utilize irregular surfaces to scatter sound uniformly across all directions and bandwidths, ensuring even and optimal sound quality. This technique counters the typical absorption of high tones by conventional furniture, which fails to address lower frequency sounds that often result in noise and echo in environments with large, flat surfaces.

Why Use Diffusers?

Diffusers are crucial in acoustic treatments to reduce echoes and optimize reverberation times, effectively managing bass sounds starting from 80 Hz. They prevent over-attenuation that can degrade sound quality when solely using sound-absorbing panels. Ideally placed at reflection points, diffusers ensure a harmonious and balanced acoustic setting.


Parametric wall art panels are versatile: enhancing audio experiences in living rooms and home theaters, and are indispensable in studios for achieving flawless recording quality. They also enhance speech clarity in educational settings. To maximize effectiveness, it’s recommended to use multiple diffusers, strategically placed based on acoustic measurements.

Material and Design

Our diffusers are crafted from high-density, high-quality real pine known for excellent acoustic properties. Unlike styrofoam or sponge, wood ensures lasting efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Each piece showcases unique wood veining and color variations, making it a decorative element that stands out in any space.



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47,2×23,6×5,1 inch, 55,1×27,5×5,1 inch


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