Pike curtain room separator – customized sizes

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  • Density 0,477114 lbs/ft  Double stitched: 0,954439 lbs/ft
  • Thickness 0,09 inch. Duplicate layer: 0,18 inch
  • 15-25dB sound attenuation
  • 40% thermal insulation
  • Total

  • Check Mark The production time for panels and carpets is 1 week, curtains 2 weeks.
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Unmatched Quality and Design

Curtain backing, brown insulating felt material. If you request double thickness, it will be the color of your choice on both sides.

  • Material Feel: Enjoy the luxurious, silk-gloss finish with a soft touch that elevates your room’s ambiance.
  • Safety First: Made from non-flammable materials, ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Thermal Efficiency: Achieve up to 40% thermal insulation, perfect for creating cozy spaces.
  • Easy Maintenance: Our curtains are machine washable, making upkeep a breeze.
  • Durability: Constructed from durable non-stretch fabric with a blend of 50% PES and 50% cotton, our curtains withstand the test of time.
  • Technical Excellence: Featuring a density of 0,477114 lbs/ft (double stitched: 0,954439 lbs), and passing the Abrasion/Martindale Test with a score of 90,000, our curtains are built to last.
  • Customization: Choose from a wide range of colors and the option to order with eyelets, ensuring a perfect match for any decor.
  • Size: 55,11 inches is the width of the fabric, if you order wider than that we will sew it to the 55,11 inchesF fabric.

Reimagining Your Space with Thermal and Acoustic Curtains

Introduction to Thermal Benefits and Room Separation

Transform your living spaces not just with style but with functionality using our innovative Curtain Room Separators. These curtains not only serve as chic dividers for any area, but also excel in thermal insulation, keeping your rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Available for spaces up to 110,22 inches wide, our separators are perfect for any setting, ensuring flexibility and convenience. For larger areas, easily extend the coverage by attaching additional curtains with velcro, creating a seamless and elegant look. Additionally, the ease of maintenance enhances your living comfort, making these separators a practical addition to any interior.

Superior Sound and Light Management

Experience peace and ideal lighting with our Curtain Room Separators. With a sound absorption rate of 10-20dB, they significantly reduce noise, promoting a tranquil atmosphere. The curtains’ material allows for up to 75% darkness when doubled, perfect for managing light in any room. Enhance the aesthetic with our range of decorative cushion covers, available in colors that perfectly match your curtains.


A Spectrum of Choices

Explore our diverse collection of colors and patterns, tailored to complement any decor style. Our range extends from understated greys to vibrant blues, all available through our user-friendly online shop. With our cost-effective delivery options, transforming your space is easier and more accessible than ever.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Tailor your living space to your exact needs:

  • Width: Standard width of 55,11 inches, suitable for various applications.
  • Length: Customize the length to fit windows, doors, or to act as room dividers. A precise 0,78 inch hem ensures a flawless drop.
  • Mounting Options: Opt for our sleek “concealed” mounting featuring a 2,36 inches fold back with a pre-made hole, simplifying cornice threading and enhancing the overall look.

pike soundproofing curtainpike acoustic blackout curtains

Design and Efficiency Combined

Achieve both aesthetic and functional excellence with our Curtain Room Separators. Ensure your curtains are twice or two and a half times wider than the space for a luxurious drape that also improves privacy and style. Consider the placement of your cornice and mounting points to optimize both function and appearance, making our curtains not just dividers, but a statement of sophistication and utility. Choose from various fixing options like Tweezers, “Concealer”, Grommets/Rings, and Contraction-Hook Solutions, each designed to offer a unique solution to your space division needs.

Support and Guidance

Our dedicated customer service team is ready to assist with any inquiries about installation or to help you find the best setup for your space. Our commitment is to provide expert support to ensure your satisfaction with our Curtain Room Separators.

Embrace both elegance and efficiency in your interiors with our versatile and stylish Curtain Room Separators. Contact us today for personalized advice and to discover how you can redefine your space.


A wide range of colors and patterns is available to customers. 

1. Each curtain is made based on an individual order, therefore each curtain is considered unique, and we cannot buy it back!

2. The weight of the curtains refers to the flow meter of the material: 1 flow meter is 55,11 inches and weighs 0,477114 lbs. (+/- 20-30% weight deviation possible!)

3. Acoustic curtains can only absorb 10-20 decibels of sound if they are placed completely without gaps or if the acoustics of the given room is adequate! Due to the resulting problems/complaints, we cannot take back the curtains!

There may be minimal colour variation between the curtains and cushion covers ordered.

In the case of an individual curtain order, it is no longer possible to modify or cancel the order after the order and payment, because we cannot refund the price!

The colour sample ordered may vary slightly from the colour ordered.
The colour of a new order may differ from the previous order.

Products can be produced with a +-1-2% variation.

Additional information

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