Art Wood Diffusers 23,6×23,6×2,7 inches

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  • Size: 23,6×23,6×2,7 inch
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Art Wood Diffusers

Discover the unparalleled craftsmanship of our Art Wood Diffusers, meticulously crafted from the finest pine. Renowned for its durability and resistance to warping, this high-quality pine is dried, planed, and polished to perfection, ensuring that each piece remains robust over time. Our diffusers not only enhance audio quality by effectively scattering and absorbing sound but also add a modern, aesthetic touch to any space—be it a home, studio, or office.

Each Art Diffuser is a testament to individuality; no two pieces are identical. The unique design of irregular, multi-depth surfaces maximizes sound scatter across a broad bandwidth, enhancing spatial acoustics and providing an immersive audio experience. Available in various sizes, from 23,6×23,6×2,7 inches to custom dimensions, our diffusers are adaptable to any design requirement.

For those seeking a personalized touch, we offer an array of color options. Every wooden cube is meticulously hand-painted, ensuring both quality and style. Our commitment to excellence is evident as each product is handcrafted and rigorously tested to meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

Installation is straightforward—each panel comes with a picture hanger and screws, though mounting arrangements can be customized to accommodate transport needs.


  • Material: High-density hardwood
  • Standard Size: 23,6×23,6×2,7
  • Customization: Available in various colors, patterns, and sizes
  • Individual Cube Width: 2,5 inches


Cleaning your Art Wood Diffuser is hassle-free; simply wipe with a slightly damp cloth or vacuum.

Experience the blend of functionality and design with our Art Wood Diffusers, where each piece is not just a product but a piece of art that enhances your space and audio experience.

Now how is that? Is sound absorption or sound scattering more important and essential?

Both sound absorption and sound scattering are essential to creating the perfect acoustics! But it doesn’t matter how it all happens. As a result of the sound waves reflected from the walls, and when a large amount of deep tones returns, it causes echoes,  sound waves of different directions and intensities pass through each point of the room. When the sound source is switched on, the direct sound field is created, the reflected sounds form the diffuse sound field. With the help of sound absorbing elements, you can reduce the reverberation time of sounds. Diffusors distribute the sound energy coming to their surface evenly into space by breaking it down into smaller energy parts. Thus, the sound-absorbing and diffuser elements complement each other to improve the acoustics.

Ideal quantity and location of diffusors:

After an acoustic measurement, the correct location of the diffusors can be determined precisely. The ideal amount of diffusors depends on the size of the rooms. Acoustic diffusors work optimally when placed at reflection points of your home or office. These points can be measured with the help of an acoustician to avoid phase-delayed echoes. It is recommended to place them at ear level.

Main reflection points:

  • behind the speakers
  • right and left between the speaker and the listener
  • behind the listener position
  • on the ceiling, between the position of the speaker and the listener
  • in tilted attic rooms

The back of our diffusors is delivered pre-selected and drilled. The hanger and screws are included with the diffuser. They are extremely easy to place and fix, they do not require a specialist.

Perfect Acoustic also offers on-site and online acoustic measurements. Our customers can expect 95% accuracy in online measurements. Accuracy, reliability and expertise are the primary aspects of our company! If you want a perfect acoustic examination and the best treatment, do not hesitate to contact us with confidence!


Hard, flat, empty surfaces reflect sounds, bouncing back and forth between walls at short distances, resulting in sound-rattling echoes. This can make the music or movie hard to enjoy. Diffuse surfaces, due to their irregular and varying depth of surface, scatter sounds over most of the room. In this way, they increase the air space with reality, so we can achieve a more balanced, clearer sound.

Waves on his back

Phenomenal interference caused by the interaction of two sound waves flowing in opposite directions with the same number of vibrations.

Diffusors are essential elements, because play an important role in eliminating annoying rattle echoes. Their irregular surface has been carefully designed to radiate sounds back in the form of smaller energy beams — which is why we can experience top smooth and clear sound without unpleasant echoes.

Art Wood Diffusers
Art Wood Diffusers


Choosing the Right Materials for Optimal Sound

When it comes to sound diffusion, not all materials are created equal. While you might stumble upon suggestions in DIY forums advocating for egg cartons or styrofoam boards as budget-friendly sound absorbers and diffusers, this advice misses the mark. These materials lack the necessary density to effectively absorb deep sounds or evenly disperse sound waves. Save yourself the hassle of DIY solutions and invest in top-quality acoustic absorbers and diffusers available in our shop. Crafted from dense acoustic cotton and premium materials, our products guarantee unparalleled sound quality, eliminating any compromise on acoustics.

Harnessing the Power of Music

Music isn’t just a source of entertainment—it’s a therapeutic tool with profound effects on our well-being. Since the latter half of the twentieth century, music has been utilized in various therapies for its positive impact on mental health and stress reduction. However, the benefits of music hinge on its clarity and quality. In a world inundated with noise pollution, ensuring optimal acoustics is paramount for creating harmonious living environments, whether it’s in your home, living room, or nursery.

Achieving Impeccable Acoustics

Creating the perfect sound environment requires more than just speakers and microphones. Proper acoustics demand the right tools and equipment, including acoustic diffusers. Our Art Wood Diffusers excel in both sound absorption and dispersion, laying the foundation for flawless acoustics in homes, offices, and studios. Complemented by our acoustic panels and sound-absorbing membranes, these diffusers elevate sound quality while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space. With their unparalleled quality, efficiency, and timeless design, our products outshine competitors, offering audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts the ultimate acoustic solution.

Addressing Acoustic Challenges

Poor acoustics manifest as echoes, detracting from the enjoyment of music and other activities. Optimal sound isn’t just confined to indoor spaces—it’s equally vital during outdoor pursuits like sports or relaxation sessions like yoga. Our diffuser elements, crafted from real wood, not only enhance sound quality but also enrich living spaces with their natural fragrance, thanks to compatibility with aromatherapy oils. Users attest to the transformative effects our diffusers bring, significantly improving the ambiance and sound quality of any environment.

Embracing the Beauty of Natural Wood

Each of our diffusers is a testament to the beauty of natural wood, boasting unique characteristics like knots, resin stains, and varied shades. While this natural variation may result in slight irregularities in finish, it’s a testament to the authenticity and charm of real wood. Appreciating the veining and texture of natural wood, our diffusers offer a visual treat alongside their exceptional acoustic performance.

Please note: Due to the handmade nature of our products, slight variations in size and shape may occur, adding to their artisanal charm.

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