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The Significance of Reference Work for Us and Our Clients

We highly value receiving pictures and videos of our acoustic panels, acoustic diffusers, and other products. These visuals greatly assist both our valued customers and potential buyers in making informed decisions.

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Embrace the Power of Reference Images!

We understand that many people are hesitant to share images of their homes. However, without a wealth of reference photos featuring our products like:

  • Acoustic panels
  • Acoustic diffusers
  • Bass traps
  • Acoustic curtains
  • Etc.

it becomes challenging for others to envision how these items will look in their own spaces. Reference images are crucial for helping customers decide on the right colors or patterns, such as an oak-finished diffuser front panel against a red wall.

Engage on Social Media

We spend hours each day on social media, sharing countless images of ourselves and things that matter. Providing reference pictures of our products only takes a minute or two of your time but can significantly assist others in making informed purchasing decisions.

Understanding acoustics is not just about buying products. Many people lack knowledge in this area, which is why we publish numerous articles and offer advice via email. Our expertise spans various aspects, including:

  • Speaker placement
  • Seat position selection
  • Studio construction
  • Acoustic panel placement
  • Custom bass trap requests

We aim to share our extensive knowledge to help people achieve perfect acoustics in their homes.

Your Contribution Matters

By sharing reference images, you not only showcase product quality but also help others see the exceptional materials and craftsmanship of Perfect Acoustic products. We strive to provide premium service to our valued customers, and your contributions play a significant role in this.

Send Us Videos Too!

Despite having many reference images and videos, we still only capture a fraction of our work. We ask all customers to send high-quality videos and pictures to help others. There’s no need to worry about privacy; we’ve been shipping across Europe for 15 years, reaching over 100 million people.

Share your reference pictures of acoustic panels, curtains, or diffusers with confidence.

Enhance Your Acoustics Today!